Kirby and Dudley run wild – Raleigh Pet photography

Oct 4, 2012

Meet the Rivera pups! These pups do not sit still.  They sat for just a few seconds and only cared about chasing their balls.  Their mom Karyn won this half-price photo shoot as part of a special facebook offer when I hit 500 fans!  Here’s how she describes her pups:

Kirby is a 3-year old Golden Retriever who we rescued at 11-months old.  We believe he was abused or hit by a man in puppyhood as he used to cower around men when we first got him.  He wouldn’t even go near my husband or son, he would get behind my legs….and this went on for the first couple of weeks!  Since we’ve had him, he has learned trust and friendliness towards men.  Although he’s still skittish, he’s great around everyone.  He is sweet.  So sweet…he’ll push into you for love and is SO happy to see you! Kirby is calm and loving.

Dudley…a world of difference.  Dudley was one of seven puppies with their mother who was in a kill shelter in Virginia.  Our friend Lori, who owns a rescue in New York, called the shelter based on a tip, begged them to keep them another day and drove to VA to rescue them to her group.  Lori then posted updates on the website with videos of the mom and pups.  Peter saw them and said “I want a puppy.”  I don’t think it took me 3 seconds to call Lori!  Ha!  He was seven weeks old and five pounds when we got him in November.  Dudley is ten months old now, 55 lbs, sweet as pie and crazy with energy!  The vet seems to think his other half is Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Not only did I get to hang out with these pups and get some great action shots, but I had a chance to make great friends with Karyn and Peter. She invited me and my hubs to stay after the shoot and we enjoyed great wine, delish food and awesome conversation.  Peter is a dog trainer and I hope to have him work with my pups soon!