Kesha shows off her Diva side – Raleigh pit bull photography

Sep 24, 2012

I first met Lynn and Kesha last year!  Lynn’s mom Stacey found me on facebook and wanted to get some photos of her daughter and grand-dog, Kesha!  I met them at NC State where Lynn attends the Vet School.  Keshas was decked out in several outfits for the shoot and was just sooooo cute.  I was very excited for our shoot almost one year later because Kesha was such a great model.  Well…Kesha must have just been sooooooo thrilled with her photos last year that she just couldn’t contain her excitement.  She was a wild woman when I walked up and I don’t think she ever quite calmed down. LOL  But when she wanted to pose…boy did she pose!  Kesha is what many of us would call a “pocket pit.”  She’s maybe 40 lbs and just a cute, lean little pibble that you want to just put in your pocket and carry around. Lynn is an equal opportunist when it comes to her college allegiance.  She grew up a Tar Heel and still loves UNC, but has fully embraced her Wolf Pack pride as you can see by her wardrobe choices and Kesha’s matching outfit!  The black garage door and red carpet were a perfect match!  And all of these different backgrounds were within on corner of each other in downtown Raleigh!  Also, shout out to The Positive Pit Bull.  I donated this photo shoot as part of their holiday auction last year!  Stacey made sure she was the top bidder! I’m so glad she was…and even more thrilled that she hopped in front of the camera for a few shots!

*Kesha’s story: She was hit by a car and her owner brought her in to the vet, where Lynn worked. He refused to pay the costs for surgery Kesha needed and surrendered her to the vet.  Lynn knew it was love at first sight and they’ve been together ever since!  Kesha is now two and a half years old.