Kensi & Riley – Chapel Hill Welsh Corgis

Jul 11, 2014

Kensi and Riley are senior Pembroke Welsh corgis.  I had the great pleasure of photographing them in April at home in Chapel Hill.  Riley, 11 years old, had cancer and was starting to show signs that she was not doing so well. I was able to come back from vacation early to photograph this cute pair.

When I arrived, mom said Riley seemed to be doing much better and she thought perhaps Riley was just having some trouble with her back and it was not the cancer.  Both Riley and Kensi (12 years old) had quite a bit of spunk and their smiles were so sweet during their session.

Unfortunately, Riley’s extra energy and excitement for her photo shoot didn’t last.  Two weeks after our session, mom emailed to tell me that Riley passed away. Here is the sweet note she sent me just a few hours after I had sent her the link to their gallery that same morning.

“We are so grateful that we did the photos when we did.  She had a rough week last week, but seemed to be perking up. Then after going out into the yard this AM, she quietly walked into her crate and passed away.  My kids will be very glad to see her at happier moments just a couple of weeks ago.