Introducing Project 52 – Week 42 – Raleigh dog photography

Oct 19, 2012

I am excited to be joining a great group of pet photographers in a weekly challenge!  Each week there is a theme and we have to go out and shoot a photo according to the theme.  This weeks’ theme was FALL! My favorite time of year.  I borrowed my friend and his dog and took a trip to the Raleigh Rose Garden.  There were no roses blooming there this past spring. It seems they mainly bloom in the fall here. Fall is my favorite time of year (did I mention that?). I used to walk around the neighborhood and collect the most colorful leaves I could find with my mom and pin them to a cork board until they dried and crumbled.

I was so excited for this challenge, but it just didn’t seem that the bright fall trees were peaking in Raleigh.  I did my shoot Tuesday afternoon and the next day had to go to Chapel Hill where I was teased with the most gorgeous fall leaves everywhere! And it seems today that I am suddenly finding all of these beautiful falls trees around Raleigh as I am running from appointment to appointment and have no time to shoot (nor my dogs with me!).  So here’s my first entry for Project 52.  I was able to capture the light through the some-what fallish leaves and the treat is FALLing in the air! 🙂  I am working on my ability to better capture action shots and didn’t have my focus exactly where I wanted it, but I’m putting this out there and hoping to continue to grow through this weekly challenge!

Rivers jumps for his treat – Raleigh Pet Photography

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