How To Tell If You Are A Dog Owner Or Dog Mom

Mar 3, 2022

Are you a dog owner or Dog Mom? See if you can check off at least ⅓ of these pet-pampering traits to claim the title of Dog Mom.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you own a dog. Some people are dog owners. Others consider themselves a pet parents. Then there are the rest of us who are Dog Moms.  Are you a dog owner or Dog Mom? See if you can check off at least ⅓ of these pet-pampering traits to claim the title of Dog Mom.

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Are you a dog owner or dog mom?

Check this list to find out if you are a dog owner or dog mom

1) You celebrate your dog’s birthday or their “Gotcha Day.” 

Baxter gets an official photo shoot for his birthday each year. It was the best way I could hold myself accountable to dedicate time to take special photos of him. He was my main model when I first began pet photography. Now, I am thankfully very busy photographing other dogs and their families that Baxter gets to enjoy more naps. But on his birthday, the kids and I go pick out a special cookie and a toy at a local pet store and take his official paw-trait. 

Baxter the blonde dog smiles for one of his official dog birthday photo session in Raleigh, NC.

2) You’ve been putting off a big expense for the car or house for a while now, but when your dog needs a dental you dip into that savings account in a hot second. Keeping my boy happy and healthy is a top priority. He recently started taking regular pain medicine which is quite expensive. I wouldn’t deny my human kids the medicine they needed. Not gonna deny my dog what he needs either.

3) When talking to your parents, you refer to your dog as their “granddog.” Baxter is obsessed with my dad and my mother-in-law. He is definitely their granddog.

4) Your phone’s camera roll is 99.5% pics of your pup. (Don’t settle for selfies by the way. Book your own dog mom photo session so you can truly capture your connection.)

5) You can’t sleep without your dog by your side. Baxter has his own set of stairs to make it easier for him to get up on our tall bed. If he isn’t in the room with me, I have a hard time falling asleep.

6) You cook a special meal just for the dog on holidays.

7) Your favorite part of Frozen is how Christoff talks to and for Sven out loud. It’s just what pet people do.

8) You bake dog cookies more often than you bake for yourself.

9) Your vacation plans can’t be made unless you’ve consulted your dog and planned accordingly for how he or she will be pampered while you’re gone.

10) When you order a steak dinner at a restaurant, you save some for your pup – it’s called a doggie bag for a reason right?

11) Your dog has more than one outfit or has special collars for seasons and holidays.

Blonde dog mom kisses her small dog in a garden in Raleigh.

12) You take your dog to get a Puppuccino

13) You go to the pet store as often as you go to the grocery store.

14) You’ve given your dog several silly nicknames — and a middle name, too. Baxter is also known as Bax, Baxy, and Boofus.

15) As soon as you walk in the door, you find your dog and greet them or hug them if they are at the door waiting for you.

16) Your dog has more playdates than you or your kids.

So are you a Dog Mom or Pup Parent? Did I forget something on the list? Let me know on Instagram @TaraLynn_andCo.

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