Happy 5th Birthday Baxter! – Dog birthday party

Jun 4, 2013

How quickly they grow up! My Baxter turned FIVE years old this past weekend (his estimated birthday). I just can’t believe I’ve had him in my life for five years. It’s hard to remember the day before he came along. We did not go all out with the decorations like we did last year for his birthday, but we did go extra large for his birthday cake! We went with the super duper big bone cake from Gourmutt’s Bakery.  He was enjoying licking off all the icing and I smeared a bit on his face to spice up the shoot!  He LOOOOOOOOOOOVES his cakes and treats from Gourmutts and I do too (not that I have tasted them, but they sure do smell good and make my pups happy!). Want to celebrate your pup’s birthday?  Check out my special deal with Gourmutt’s and my mini Smash the Cake sessions!