Growing up: Caitlin and Tommy

Aug 2, 2012

When traveling to Charleston, I HAVE two sets of kids I have to see.  I held all four of them as infants and photographed them all when they were first born.  I posted photos of Brooks and Carly last time.  Now (re)introducing Caitlin and Tommy.  Look at their blue blue eyes and Caitlin’s beautiful hair!  One of Tommy’s newborn photos is actually on the photo slider on the homepage of my website.  You can certainly tell he’s grown…especially those cheeks!  Caitlin LOVED having her photo taken and after every shot wanted to see how they turned out.  She even politely posed her bunny for a photo and then asked for a photo with her bunny. Cute Cute Cute! I can’t take it!  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these little kiddos and hope when they are older they will treasure these photos and know how much “Auntie” Tara loves them.