Greg and Marla – North Carolina Greyhounds

Jan 22, 2015

Talk about some GORGEOUS dogs!  It’s no wonder these dogs are always included in old paintings of royal families.  These dogs are just so regal. They were so calm and sweet during our fall session in Hillsborough.

Greg and Marla are both rescues from Greyhound Friends of NC in Oak Ridge.  Greg is 9.5 years old and Marla is 4.5 years old.  They were both raised and trained for racing, but Marla never ran a race on record. Greg placed first in four out of 36 races before retiring.  The couple first adopted Marla.  They were back at the rescue donating some food when they met Greg and “he came home with us to his forever home.”

Dad, Iain, says there are incredibly good records on the dogs and he’s been able to find a common ancestor a few generations back and trace some lines back to 17th or 18th-century in other countries.

Mom Holly and Iain picked out such a unique location for their shoot, the Occoneechee Speedway! It is an old racetrack that has been turned into a walking trailing.  Considering both Greg and Marla were former racing dogs, it was a fitting location! The old concession stand is still there and a beautiful weathered sheet metal fence.  It really provided for a great backdrop for our shoot!

Many of my doggy clients have grandparents that adore them just as much as their moms and dads.  Greg and Marla’s “grandma” makes them fleece winter jackets to keep them warm during the cold weather!  How cute!.