The Golden Bacons – Maisie joins the pack

Aug 7, 2017

It’s hard not to fall in love with a Golden Retriever. Especially, a golden puppy!  The Bacon family welcomed Maisie to the mix in the fall and she is just as cute as can be!  Big Brother Murphy has been showing her the ropes (aka…how to be a wild child).

Murphy joined the family at Christmas of 2013 and I first photographed him and his big sis the next fall and have been following this sweet family ever since.

Mom, Colleen says Murphy “spent his first year shadowing our sweet senior girl MacKenzie, terrorizing her with his puppy antics. He also underwent elbow dysplasia surgery at seven months which continues to restrict the amount of exercise he gets. With the passing of MacKenzie he became bored and lonely. We think all that pent up energy comes out whenever he is out somewhere new or has new visitors. He has become our big goofy wild child! What better way to tame a wild child then with the addition of a new puppy! At least that is our hope! We are giving him a new sibling to keep him company, distracted, and playful! Now he will be the big brother and it will be his turn to be terrified by puppy antics! We have always been a two dog family and the house has felt empty without MacKenzie so we feel the time is right to add this new puppy and are excited to capture some of those first days we share as a family.”

Oh Murphey sure is getting the treatment he gave his big sis when he first joined the family.  You can follow these two along on facebook and see how Maisie has grown since our first session!