Five fur babies, one roof – Chapel Hill pet photography

May 14, 2013

Chapel Hill Pet Photography – Talk about a crew! There are three seniors in this bunch, a “middle child” and the baby!  We’ll start with the cats.  Tommy is the orange kitty and his nick name is literally “trouble.”  He’s so much trouble that the dogs are afraid of him!  But he was quite regal and sweet during our shoot together. And the just LOOOVES Jackson, the gray and white kitty as you can see them grooming each other below and then the shot after in which they look “caught.”  LOL  Chloe is more of the loner and enjoys drinking from or sitting in the sink in the laundry room.  They are all really laid back and I just had an absolute blast at my first official kitty cat photo shoot! Plus all the gorgeous light in this great home was a dream to work with!

Next up were Maggie and Sofee.  Maggie is 13 (pink collar) and Sofee is ten years old.  If you are trying to figure out what in the world they are, they are Affenpinschers!  You may recognize this breed because the winner at this year’s Westminster Dog Show was an affenpinscher named Banana Joe!  I had never heard of the breed until I attended Westminster this year and then had a chance to meet four Affenpinschers in a month!  I will probably never see another one! They have the most adorable little monkey faces and cute head tilts and these two were just so sweet and easy to photograph.

The Affenpinschers