Frequently Asked Questions

Is your family ready for a pet portrait session?

At Tara Lynn & Co., I get that being a parent means you put a lot of thought into deciding what “stuff” your kids and pets actually need. You’ve got to consider balancing their personality, health, and well-being, plus the practicalities of budget and lifestyle.

14+ years in business...

I’ve had many incredible conversations with my clients and certainly answered a lot of questions about scheduling a pet portrait session in North Carolina. I’m sure you may have the same questions too.

So, here are the answers to the most common questions I get about pet photography and if it’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog won’t sit still or usually wears a harness?

No worries. I successfully photograph high-energy dogs ALL the time. From untrained puppies to seasoned seniors and every speed in between. Most of the dogs you see on my website were actually wearing leashes during our session. I’ll guide you on how to hold the leash so I can use a bit of digital magic to remove the leash on your final images. 

Harnesses are not able to be digitally removed. However, clients often arrive with their dogs in a harness to walk to our location. Once we get settled, we can swap the harness for a standard collar. Safety first…I do not photograph dogs in electric, chain, or prong collars.

Can you photograph my dog if he or she is really shy or nervous?

I’ll use my various lenses to keep my distance, put your pet at ease, and capture a variety of images that feel intimate and full of joy.

I’ve worked with rescue animals since 2008 in shelters, at rescue events, in foster homes, and even assisted on the scene of a puppy mill bust. As humans, we must put the needs of our animals first, making sure their comfort is top of mind.

The goal is to capture your pet’s personality in a relaxed and calm way so they can really shine

What if my dog has limited mobility?

Relax by your dog’s side. I’ll do most of the moving so your pup doesn’t have to. Comfort comes first. Whether at home, in an open field, or in a small green spot at your favorite park, we’ll create timeless moments you’ll treasure forever. You can find more details about end-of-life sessions here.

Where can we photography my cat?

Cats are most comfortable at home. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and you feel we can safely capture your kitty in your yard, I’d love to! Does your kitty like to wear a harness and go for walks regularly? Even better!

Can you really handle my dog AND my kids?

Without a doubt. The number one rule for success is for parents to trust me! I’m a mom to three young children and our puppy. From taming my own kids to working with unpredictable shelter dogs, there’s not much I haven’t seen. (Not to mention all of the wild news stories I’ve covered in my TV reporting days).

When moms and dad are relaxed, the session always flows easily. Don’t stress about grass stains or the kids listening. I work with the silly and will let you know how to jump in and join.

Do you photograph families that don’t have a pet?

Absolutely. You don’t have to currently be a pet owner to be a part of the Tara Lynn & Co. family.

In addition to my pet and family sessions, I offer personal branding sessions, and commercial photography for pet products and services, as well as corporate headshots for compassionate business leaders who invest in and love their communities.

What do I wear?

My signature look celebrates the vivid colors of nature and how they glow in the golden light of the sun. To enhance the look, avoid wearing black and/or white. Instead, opt for coral, pale yellow, light blue or a sage/spring green. Check out my Pinterst board for color combinations and the perfect accessories for your dog.

I highly recommend the Charleston-based brand, Crew Lala for dog collars and leashes. Message me for a special discount code.

The TLC Experience

Get in touch

I live and die by my inbox. Contact me via email to receive my Client Guide and to set a time to chat by phone. I can’t wait!

Custom Experience

Wardrobe and location selections that match your style and makes your family comfortable – every detail is planned just for you.

The Session

Let’s play and have fun. With 14+ years under my belt, I’ll guide you along with natural interactions that capture the beauty of your story.

The Reveal

Laugh while you happy dance as you see your images for the first time. I’ll help you select your favorites and design a wall gallery during your virtual ordering session.

Delivery Day

Now I know why Santa loves his job! Delivering your memories in print to your door, and watching the smile as you open your hand-crafted order…magic.

Cherish the love

Enjoy the gift of seeing your favorite family moments as you walk by them each day. Like a little angle whispering “remember when” and “wow…so glad we did that.”

Photography for dog-loving families and brands

What does that mean?


If you’ve ever loved a dog, you know.

If a dog has ever moved you to change your life, start a business, learn something new, or sit absolutely still for three hours in the most uncomfortable position ever for fear of waking them… you know.

If you have ever loved a dog, you know commitment.

Selflessness. Kindness. True love.

And you’ve no-doubt got a robust and resilient sense of humor.

If you have ever loved a dog, you know the immeasurable joy dog souls bring to the world, and you’re here to honor, celebrate and protect them.

This makes you the kind of person who makes this world better. Safer. Kinder.

We need more people like you.

I love celebrating the love stories of dog-loving people and brands like you, because photography is one of the most powerful tools there is for amplifying love and empathy.

I’m here to capture the big loves and the little things: those imperfect moments that make our most cherished memories… I’m here to make sure your love story gets told.