Dogs for adoption at the Wake County SPCA – Raleigh dog photographer

Jan 16, 2013

I must say that my visit to the SPCA of Wake County yesterday was one of the most successful trips yet! The dogs were all on their best behavior and they all sat on cue and it didn’t take more than 60 seconds it seemed to get their photos. I can never say enough about the staff and volunteers there. They don’t just clean cages and answer phones. They love and work with these great animals to give them the most successful chance at finding and staying in a forever home! Nearly ever dog knows how to sit when I am there to take photos. It amazes me every time. Especially when two or more dogs line up perfectly to sit and wait for their photo and the reward of a treat! Take a look at these cuties. Some are new to the SPCA and some have been there several months. Take a look at the last set of photos and the special note about these older pups in need of a home in their final years.

Meet Beau and Daisy! They are ten year old lab/chow mixes. They have lived together their whole lives and are looking for a forever home when they can spend their rest of their lives TOGETHER. Volunteer Christine says, “Beau and Daisy are a staff and volunteer favorite at the SPCA of Wake County. They like to lay in the sun, rest on their cushy beds, and play with stuffed toys. Daisy is currently going through heart-worm treatment, but the Wake SPCA will take care of that for you!”  I just love the smiles of these two pups!  They are very mild mannered and I think they would be so grateful to spend their senior years in a nice home.