Baxter’s Birthday – When your dog turns nine years old

Jul 25, 2017

My sweet little nugget of a dog is NINE! Where did the time go?!?  We adopted Baxter in 2008 and he literally has changed my life.  The short story: I started volunteering at an animal shelter soon after adopting Baxter.  That led me to photographing the pets in order to get their profile photos online.  (We drove 2.5 hours to meet Baxter based on seeing his snapshot online.)  I wanted to take better photos and purchased my first DSLR.  I came up with a name for my hobby at the time as a way to share my images on a website and facebook.  Six years later, I left my 10-year tv news career to pursue photography and that also led to me now working part-time at the SPCA of Wake County as the Communications Manager.

It’s been a full year of this newest adventure.  I now have TWO children, sleep, and am so incredibly happy.  This year hasn’t been as fruitful in terms of my business as I’ve hoped, but I know I am also enjoying being a mommy of two and helping Emerson grow big and strong during her first year.  I also know I set my bar for success way up high past the stars.  And that’s okay.  Aim big!  I am excited for the fall photography season and making sure to enjoy the slower time of year now.

Thank you Baxter for the incredible gift you have given me.  You have been my inspiration and have helped hundreds of animals find their family through my volunteer work as a pet photographer.  You have helped other families preserve precious memories of their pets and you have made our family happier with your presence and my career change.  Thanks for being my shadow, my goofy model, my “little spoon” at night in bed and my constant companion.  I love you more than I ever thought possible and I know you know I do.