Diary of a Foster Mom: Foster failure or success?

Jul 2, 2012

I had every intention of fostering Lily the moment I set my eyes on her and found out she had no home of her own.  Brandon and I have been seriously talking about adopting another dog.  We even fell for a little lab/pit mix that looked a lot like Baxter, but was snapped up before we even had time to think about it.  We knew we’d want to adopt either a pitbull mix, an older dog or all black dog. Those three factors (especially combined) always make it harder for a dog to find a home.
Baxter definitely has some issues to be worked out. He DOES NOT understand small things that make quick movements…i.e. kids or puppies.  We thought for a while about becoming a foster family for the SPCA so Baxter could get used to sharing his space.  We knew if/when we DID adopt, we’d most likely need a puppy for Baxter to see grow up and adapt to…and a submissive female.  That’s exactly what we got with Lily!
Plus, we can potty train her now in the apartment and have her ready to go when we move in the house! Also, Baxter has warmed up to her much more quickly than we thought.  But still moving them both into the new house, might help him understand that it is THEIR space, not HIS space.
Two people have put their name on a list at the SPCA for those interested in adopting Lily.  One person, a friend of Brandon’s, came to meet Lily a week ago. They instantly hit it off. She emailed me the day after I first  posted Lily’s photo saying she was interested.  I thought, “great, this will help keep me from getting attached!”  HA! She came to meet Lily last week and instantly fell in love. (How could you not?)  Her two dogs died unexpectedly last year and she thought several times she was ready to adopt again, but it never felt right.  She says she saw Lily and thought this might be the dog for her.  So knowing that story, I feel so selfish in wanting to keep her if somebody else needs her and can give her a loving home.  But I love her. I love her a whole lot!  Technically…when you foster and then end up adopting, it’s called “foster failure,” but I would consider it a great success!
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.