Diary of a foster mom – Day 3 – Raleigh pet photography

Jun 20, 2012

Phew. Well I slept for an hour the first night I had Lily. (For those of you that don’t know, I work another full time job that requires overnight hours…so it’s always so easy to stay up all day running errands and get to bed way too late.) There was just so much excitement.  Then I worked a 16 hour day.  Phew. My hubby was able to come home for lunch and check on Lily.  She was a big poopy mess.  I was home by 4pm and gave her a quick bath and took her out several times to potty.  I think she peed just once and did a number #2.

She woke me up at 9pm and woke my husband up three times overnight to let us know she needed to potty. She’s learning quickly.  She had two accidents today though.  I had a few errands to run but spaced them out so I could let her out every two-three hours.  When I got home for good, I sat outside with her for 30 minutes.  She doesn’t really “walk.” She just plops down and rolls around in the grass totally content.  So I brought my camera.  She would not potty as she was more interested in playing in the grass.  When we came in…she of course peed in the kitchen! Ha.  But other than that…she’s pretty great.

I was stopped by two people last night who asked about her.  My mailman stopped me and even got a photo of her to send to a friend of his.  My maintenance man also stopped and she just fell at his feet in the middle of the parking lot and laid there! She knows how to work it!

She will whine for about five minutes when you put her in her crate or leave her in the kitchen with the baby gate and leave or walk away, but she quickly settles down.  Here are a few photos of this oh-so-adorable pup! (She’s sleeping in my lap as I post this!)