Diary of a Foster Failure: One year later, from pit bull puppy to precious princess

Jun 25, 2013

One year ago, June 18, 2012 I found a puppy sleeping on a bench in downtown Raleigh. A year later, she is my wild princess that has brought joy, chaos and a crazy amount of love into my life. I knew from the day I officially chose to adopt her and make her a permanent addition to the family, that I would bring her back to the downtown bench for a commemorative photo shoot. I waited a few days after June 18th for a Sunday when downtown wouldn’t be so crowded. It was overcast, just like the day I found her. I’m so glad I saw this little pudgy girl while working one morning in downtown. Two dogs are SO much more than one. And although I joke with my friend that considered adopting Lily in the begining  that she dodged a bullet (a panty/bra-eating, counter-surfing, horrible potty-training, mischievous bullet), I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  I also love the fact that Lily attracts so much attention wherever we go. People just fall in love with her.  Eventually somebody asks, “is she a pit bull?”  I smile and say yes, and there’s never another word said about her possible genealogy (pretty sure she’s a boxer/American bulldog mix).  My mom was worried when I told her I was going to adopt a “pit bull,” but within the first meeting, Lily won her over. Good girl Lily, good girl.