Diary of a foster failure: Lily Lately – Raleigh pet photographer

Sep 3, 2012

 Look at my little bug!  I guessed she was about three months when I found her on a bench June 18th.  So I snapped her photos again July 18th and then around August 18th. She how she’s grown! She started out about 13 pounds and is now between 25-30 but still seems so little to me.  She is still very gangly, but boy do she and Baxter LOVE each other!  She recently tore a whole in her new (and expensive) travel crate!  But we’ve been letting her curl up in the beanbag (that I bought for photographing newborns!) at night.  She still snores.  Her ears still stick up like the middle photo, but go to the side a lot more now when she’s listening to things or not sure how to react to what’s going on around her.

She has a vet appointment Tuesday to hopefully cure all this itching and scratching.  She has red bumps covering every inch of her back legs and at least twice I came home to find that she had used her back leg to scratch her front leg raw and it was covered in blood.  We tried switching her food thinking maybe she’s allergic to grain, but that hasn’t seemed to help.  She takes Benadryl and that only seems to help a little bit. So hopefully we can get this figured out.  It’s pitiful.

 Lily took her first trip to the dog park a week ago! She is always dying to meet other dogs when we go on walks, but in large groups of dogs she’s a scaredy-cat. (spelling?).  She tucked her tail and rolled over mostly when dogs approached. She hid under the picnic table or behind our legs.  She did go out and run around a few times, but didn’t quite know what to make of all the activity. She was covered in dirt, as were my shoes and she got some slobber on her face, but it was a great adventure.