Diary of a foster failure – Lily at ten months

Jan 28, 2013

Lily hit the ten-month mark January 18th. She also experienced snow/ice for the first time and wasn’t thrilled about it! I think Lily has stopped growing.  She’s long, lanky, and full of energy.  VERY different from her three-month photos when all she wanted to do was sleep.  Lily has brought a lot of joy to my life and to Baxter’s.  It’s so funny to see them wrestle and play until they are panting and wagging their tails 100 mph.  Lily is doing much better with potty training, well at least she’s has started to stand by the door a few times when she’s needed to go rather than just go wherever she happens to be! But she is still very much into ripping things apart…like the stuffed Santa below.  I think she’ll be getting coal next year!

Check out my Baxter boy!  I love his kind, sweet eyes that always look up at me with love.

At first, Lily wasn’t sure about her fleece. She would rather try to shred it and bite it as I put it on her.  But once we had to go outside a few times, I think she was very glad to have an extra layer.  She has no fat on her whatsoever and shivers when she gets cold. Meanwhile, Baxter is always the obliging model and loves his hoodie.