Diary of a foster failure – Lily at eleven months

Feb 20, 2013

This little Pibble is now ELEVEN months! I can’t believe she will almost be a year old! It will be even more crazy when June rolls around and I’ve had her for an entire year! She still has two tiny spots on her noes that remain pink. She has so much puppy energy and only two speeds: wild and sleeping.  She is start to understand the word “come” much better, but usually prefers to do what she wants!  Baxter never figured out the game of “fetch.” He’d catch a ball and then half way back find something interesting to pee on and drop the ball and make me fetch it.  Lily is great about bringing her to right to you after you throw it.  I am really hoping she calms down in the next several months.  She just gets so excited every time she sees a new human that she jumps and thrashes like she’s going to just die if she can’t go lick their face.  Stay tuned for next month for her very special birthday photo shoot! I already have her necklace and can’t wait to order her cake!