Diary of a foster failure: Lily at 7 months – Foster-failing a pit bull

Oct 18, 2012

Look at my baby girl! Here’s an update on the sweetest little puppy from the streets of Raleigh:
She’s officially SEVEN months old today!
She weighs 32 lbs (I doubt she’ll ever be bigger than 45lb…and think she’ll prob be 40lbs full size)
She LOVES to wrestle with Baxter
Lily is a favorite among the kids in the neighborhood
She’s a super star and on the current issue of the Raleigh Downtowner Magazine!
She sleeps in a beanbag chair every night
She’s obsessed with eating acorns
***She does NOT have scabies…we now think it is a skin allergy. She is currently eating food made of Kangaroo and will stick to that and a non-other-meat diet for 12 weeks to see if that is indeed what is causing her to nibble and scratch herself till she bleeds. (Pray we figure this out!) Plus she’ll get steroid shampoo baths twice a week
She loves to sit and stare out the front window and will often fall asleep with her head on the window sill snoring.
Weird fact: she loves to grab my underwear and run around the house with them. Ugh

So here she is at three, four, five, six and now SEVEN months!