Daisy and Ella – North Raleigh Pet Photographer

Aug 24, 2016

Daisy is the strong, silent type while Ella is small and sassy.  Mikki and Hector lost their sweet mastiff Otis unexpectedly this winter.  After some time, they were ready to adopt again and rescued Daisy.  Daisy is a sweet three-year-old English Mastiff with adorable wrinkles.  Ella is a nine-year-old terrier mix.

When I asked Mikki to describe their little family of four, she said “Hector is peace, I am war. LOL. Ella is friendly and wants to meet everyone.  She’s a little bossy.  Daisy is friendly but hesitant.  It takes her a little longer to let people get close to her.”

Mikki found Ella on the side of the road in Fayetteville. “I was walking my dog at the time and she just ran up to me and jumped in my arms like she had known me her whole life. I tried to find her owner and surrendered her to the local shelter, but when she was not claimed after the three-day hold I went and picked her up and we have been together ever since,” she described.

“After Otis died we let the local mastiff rescue know that we could foster and that same day Daisy was dumped in a shelter and there were no fosters until we came along. We drove to Virginia to pick her up and when we walked in her pen she came to us wiggling so hard it was like she was dancing. Hector looked at me and said ‘We’re keeping her.’ It was love at first wiggle.”

Our Session:

We had a beautiful evening in North Raleigh for our session.  Daisy had to have some surgery about two months prior to our session and the hair on her back still had not grown back.  I was able to fix some of that in editing.  When I went to deliver their order, the hair was all grown in and Mikki said it had grown in about two weeks after our session! Ha Little stinker.

There is a gentle peace about this family (despite Mikki describing herself as “war.”)  Daisy had only been with them for a few months and we waited to schedule so that Daisy could become comfortable with Hector after the adoption.  She was quite fearful of men in general.  You never would have known she had fear of any type during our session.  She was at ease and had a wonderful comfort about her that seemed to say “I’m loved.  I’m safe.  I’m home.”