Cooper & Sara – Raleigh pit bull photographer

Jan 27, 2014

I have photographed Stacey’s granddog Kesha several times. In fact, I think her daughter Lynn was my second official client when I moved to Raleigh! So it was only time that Stacey’s pups had a date in front of my camera!
Stacey lives in Richmond, VA and another client of mine from Raleigh recently moved there. We were able to find a day in November to schedule both shoots!

Cooper is a sweet senior Stacey and her husband adopted just before the were married. He is such a daddy’s boy. Don’t you just love all those wrinkles? Then along came the Grandbaby Kesha. Stacey says Cooper was a great uncle and took her in for her weekend visits. “Sara was my mom’s rescue, who now belongs to me. She is definitely a damaged dog but we are working daily to make her feel loved.” Sara is the tan pup with those awesome ears!

Both dogs didn’t want to look at my camera at all. Really I think Cooper just preferred his profile shot so he could look sexy and mysterious! Sweet pups!