Claire at 9 months – Raleigh family photographer

May 15, 2015

Claire hit nine months April 29th!  She now weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces.  She finally bumped up from the 7th percentile to the 11th!  She is also 27.5 inches long.  She is so smiley these days, except for that pesky first tooth that is painfully popping through the gums.  She loves sitting up and wants to move but does not like to be in a crawl position at all. LOL  She can stand up holding on to something and tries to pull herself up in the bathtub of all places.  I can no longer take her monthly photos by myself.  The entire time this little nut kept wanting to lunge forward in the chair and propel herself on to the grass. Daddy was close by with fast hands!  And then when we tried to do her bib photos…well she decided she wanted to be sans accessories.  What a nut. She  brings us so much joy!