Claire – 7 and 8 months!

Apr 7, 2015

So I fell behind in posting Claire’s 7month photos so you get double the cuteness with a look at her seven and eight month photos! She really is getting so big!  She started sitting up on her own at about five and a half months. She’s just now starting to figure out the first steps to crawling. Which is a-ok with me.  I like not having to chase her around yet!

Seven months:

The bonnet. OMG the bonnet!
8 Months Old
Child Easter Photo ideas:  I had a vision for a while for capturing Claire’s first Easter.  I’ve been scheming all kinds of photo sessions with her anxiously awaiting when she could sit up on her own.  It really has made photographing her so much more fun!  She can sit up and doesn’t need my help. And she’s not yet crawling so I have pretty much endless time to play and get the shot I want!  I could not be happier or more giddy about her Easter Bunny photos!  A few cotton balls, some plastic Easter eggs and bunny ears.  Oh and one cute bare-bottomed baby!  Photo gold!  I hope you enjoy this cute series! Baxter even got in on the action!  Trust me…this is HUGE for him.