The CareFirst Series: Mr. Roy the Cat

Oct 16, 2013

All this week you’ll have a chance to meet some of the amazing employees and their pets from CareFirst Animal Hospital‘s Oberlin clinic. I teamed up with the clinic for a gallery display featuring four of their employees. The gallery and mounted prints are now up at the clinic! I’d love to hear from you if you see them! Yesterday we featured Hattie Mae and Charlie. Today, meet Christena and Mr. Roy.

Roy was in no mood to have his photo taken. He would much rather prefer to hide under the bed or only be around his mama and never have any visitors, ever!  Christena rescued Roy from a shelter.  He was actually in the quarantine ward on death row. “I had to gown up from head to toe to visit him because he was so sick and they classified him as a mean one.  He looked at me with his big blues eye all sick and sad and I said alright buddy I’m going to bust you out of this 3×3 jail cell, lets go home. He is the best cat ever in my book.”  Christena had to put up a bit of a fight to save this boy and convince the shelter that yes she really did want to adopt this sick cat.  Roy is now feeling frisky, but just not friendly. LOL  It’s okay Roy. I still love you!