Cally the Senior Chocolate Lab and her sister Emma – Raleigh pet photographer

May 15, 2015

This sweet girl below is Cally. She is a 12 year old Chocolate Lab.  Cally’s mom called me after receiving shocking news that Cally had liver cancer.  She went in for a routine yearly exam and the vet ran her blood work to get an overall view on how Cally was doing.  Her liver numbers came back alarmingly high.  Cally had showed no signs or symptoms of pain.  Beth and I were able to get a session on the books within days and we all had so much fun.  Beth and Jamey have raised Cally and Emma (the fuller face) since they were each seven weeks old (the dogs ages, not the humans).  Emma is now seven years old.  Emma is the quiet and calm dog, but you would have never known it on our shoot! Just look at the photo of Beth holding Emma’s collar in the field! She had us cracking up.  Cally is “wickedly smart with a streak of stubbornness,” Beth says.  In her younger days, Cally was a long distance runner.  The family enjoys long walks on the trails and the dogs LOVE the water.  We searched out a perfect location for some beauty shots and fun water images.  Cally loves to get in the water and sink down to dip her chest in.  Sure enough she did that as soon as she went in the creek.

I adore these photos and am so happy that Beth and Jamey do too!  I designed an album for them and we also put together some prints of their favorite images.  We had our session in early April.  A month and a half later, Cally is still with us.  She’s slowing down, but surrounded by love, lots of attention and two parents that are making sure she is as happy and comfortable as she can be.

I love this sweet family.  Thank you Beth and Jamey for allowing me to photograph your girls!