Rescued dogs Beethoven and Einstein rock bowties – Raleigh engagement photos

Jun 20, 2014

Beethoven and Einstein couldn’t be happier about the August wedding of their mom and dad, Kerri and Jason!  They were quite stylish in their matching bow-ties for mom and dad’s engagement photo session at the end of March!

Their story:

Kerri found the boys online through the Delaware Puppy Rescue. The owner surrendered the entire litter. She lived in a mobile home and never spayed her Lhasa Apso. When she went to visit the puppies, she says “Einstein scrambled up in my lap and smothered me with kisses. Beethoven was more interested in wrestling with the other puppies.”

Kerri wanted two dogs to keep each other company. She says “Beethoven was originally ‘Tic the Tyrant.’  He was the sweetest puppy and very shy around humans. He definitely let E be the leader! Einstein was named because he was the first puppy in the litter to find the food dish. Eight years later they’ve captured Jason’s heart too! They are our lap dogs and always cuddling with us.”

Kerri and Jason are tying the knot August 3rd in a rustic barn wedding!

Jason used this cute tin box to propose to Kerri!