Bear and Loki – Raleigh Great Danes

Dec 30, 2014

This session could be summed up by saying: Good looking dogs. Good looking people. Great looking photos!  I mean look at these gorgeous dogs and the oh-so-sweet (and also good looking) parents! They made my job so easy!

Alison says she has always loved Great Danes.  Then she met Richard.  Then she met his dogs.  Then they got married! And then Richard surprised Alison with a session for her birthday in late September.

Alison says, “Our boys light up our home! Loki is a mischief-maker and a lady-swooner with irresistible honey-colored eyes that he uses to his full advantage. Bear is a true gentle giant, always found with a toy in his mouth and an invitation to play tug-of-war.”

Loki is the firstborn and the one with some of the most awesome dog ears I’ve ever seen. He is an American Great Dane. Richard met Loki at seven weeks old and knew he was “the one” when Loki crawled across the baby pool to him and into Richard’s lap. He has been attached to Rich’s hip since then!

Alison adds: “One day, the vet called and asked if we would take another Dane. Bear was a six month old rescue that needed a little nurturing and TLC. At the first meeting Rich gave Bear a stuffed toy. Bear returns the favor daily by meeting us at the door after work, toy in tow.”  Bear is a European Great Dane.

I love how the dogs’ dark coats stand out against the bright green landscape.