Baxter’s thoughts on Pit Bull Awareness month – Dog Photography

Oct 28, 2012

Phew…mom finally stopped editing photos for a second so I could blog! So I’ve been hearing a lot about something called “Pit bull awareness month.” I finally figured it out I think! Some people call Lily a pit bull…but to me she looks just like any other dog so why does she get some special name? I remember mom saying Lily was a puppy when she came to live with us. Puppies are baby dogs, but I didn’t understand what made her a “pit bull.” Well, I guess it’s like when some peopled describe me as a “mutt” which I have figured out is a word for really good-looking and all-around awesome dogs. So I think “pit bull” means Lily is a dog that is just really cute, has crooked ears and an obsession with licking people’s faces! BUT…I also learned that some people don’t know that’s what a “pit bull” is. Some people think a “pit bull” is some big mean dog and that all pit bulls are that way and that pit bulls and a few other dog types are the only really “dangerous dogs” out there. So I figured I had to set the record straight.

We just moved in to this cool thing called a “neighborhood.” There are lots of kids and some even come over to walk Lily and me and give us treats! But some kids are really little and I don’t like them. So I think I’m doing my part to show that people shouldn’t judge a dog just on what it looks like or what kind of breed it is. Mom tells the kids I’m a “scaredy dog” and that I don’t like saying hi to kids. Typically I growl and jump up at them. Meanwhile, Lily is also a jumper, but she just wants to lick all the kids and play with them. One little girl even asks mom to put me inside so that just Lily can stay outside and play! So I think I’m doing a good job of helping Lily and mom break down some stereotypes. GO me!

I was first with a family of seven kids for my first two months of life. The kids rough-housed me and injured my paw and never fixed me…so I thought all kids are mean. But just like it’s wrong for some people to think all pit bulls are mean, I know I have to change my way of thinking too! So some of the bigger kids I now allow to come in the front door and get me ready for my walk. I’m still worried about the little kids, but one of them gave me some treats last week and I was very polite when I gobbled them up from her hand. so not all kids are bad or scary, just like not all “pit bulls” or a certain type of breed of dog is bad. MAN…I’m a smart puppy! I think that means I’m a “good dog.”

Now check out my mad skills playing chase in the backyard! We now have grass. Awesome.