Baxter celebrates his 6th birthday – dog birthday party

Jun 6, 2014

My sweet sweet boy and “first born” Baxter turned six June 1st, 2014! That’s is estimated birthday! We celebrated today officially with his photo shoot and cake smash! Once again Gourmutt’s Bakery in North Raleigh hit it out of the park matching his cake to his accessory…that fancy little bow tie by Pits & Posh.  I think Baxter was born to wear a bow tie.  Well, this little booger got a good lick or two of his cake before I could snap the first photo!  But he’s the birthday boy so I can’t really be too upset! He was so good staying right on the porch of this old historic home near downtown Raleigh. I didn’t worry at all about him darting off like I usually do. He wasn’t leaving his cake!

After some cake shots, we did some nice portrait shots as Bax hasn’t had an on-location, non-iphone, non-backyard photo in a long long time.  I just love how they turned out!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!