A baby and her dogs

Feb 21, 2015

I can’t say enough how proud I am of Baxter and Lily as they have accepted and adapted to Claire’s arrival.  Baxter came from a home with seven kids and was injured when we adopted him at just three months old.  He is terrified of children, but we tried to ease him into having a baby in the house with some pre-baby exercises. (Check out the two “babies and pets” articles on the SPCA of Wake County’s website here)  He has sat patiently a few times for photos with Claire, but this was my first time getting some portraits with Lily.  Lily…well Lily is a lover. An in-your-face, let-me-lick-every-inch-of-you-got-it-oh-wait-i-missed-a-spot kinda of lover.  But she will do anything for a treat.  She was absolutely adorable sitting next to Claire and I treasure these photos.  I’m so proud of both dogs.  Claire loves to watch them.  As she continues to grow, she will have her own rules on how to interact with the dogs (no tail pulling, etc) just as we have tried to teach the dogs to give her space (which Baxter is totally fine with).