NEWS: Baby #3 Due in November

Jul 12, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our family is expanding! We are even more excited that we will be adding a BOY to our house! A BOY!

I can’t say those words without doing a really silly happy dance that would completely embarrass my kids if they were a few years older.

In other news, I was able to share the baby news on the news! I’ve been back temporarily anchoring weekend mornings at WRAL. I must say, I love it. I’ve always enjoyed being on the anchor desk and sharing stories and connecting with viewers. I’ll be there for a few more weeks. Here’s the announcement…
Sharing the news on the WRAL!

It’s a BOY!

Did I mention that it’s a boy?!?! I screamed when we got the results. My side of the family has four kids, one is a boy. Those four kids have a total of seven kids and only one is a boy. So now, there will be TWO boys! My husband is also an only child and the last to carry on his family last name. I know we would be happy no matter if it were a girl or boy, but we have some extra excitement for these reasons. And I can’t wait to have our boy wear his daddy’s old pair of suspenders that my mother-in-law saved!

Baby #3 pregnancy announcement

The girls are thrilled and Claire hugs my belly constantly and tells me how much she is going to love her baby brother! Emerson likes to kiss my belly. Her biggest challenge will be sharing mommy with her brother, but I’m hopeful she’ll adapt as well as Claire did when Emerson came along.

Oh…and most importantly for you my friends, if you want to book a session, I’m only available through October 6th this year. There is a slim chance I could hold last minute mini sessions depending on how this boy grows. I was induced early with both girls so I need to allow some extra time in case he is also a small peanut.