I feel refreshed: Adoptable dogs and cats at the SPCA of Wake County

Nov 19, 2013

I feel refreshed and revived.  It’s amazing what getting back to your roots will do for you!  This is the craziest time of year for my business as families are preparing for the holidays (I’m in denial that Thanksgiving is next week) and setting up their annual fall photo sessions. I also had two massive photography projects in September and October that took up a lot of time. One was the Million Dollar Dog House project which benefited the SPCA of Wake County and also featured photos of some of our long time pups in a gallery in the home to help promote them!  I also had a week that I was at the SPCA four days in a row for photographs. I think the first day was for adoptable photos and the rest were special projects.  I also emceed part of the Fur Ball and organized a meet and greet for the Pit Crew at World of Beer.

But I had this guilt…that even though I was still volunteering and helping in other ways, I hadn’t had as much time for adoptable photos!

I love doing anything and everything I can for the SPCA to help promote our animals and get great marketing shots for fundraisers to bring in money  money money to keep saving more lives. But what I love most of all is running room to room, play yard to play yard photographing the animals looking for their forever homes.

I have a list of photo shoots to edit, an even longer list to get on the blog and have been sick for two weeks.  Yesterday, I didn’t care what happened, I was getting to the SPCA to photograph the adoptables.  And it was magic in every way.  I managed to get a lot of photographs in very little time. I got jumped on all over with muddy paws.  I got to give butt scratches in the just the right spots that made some dogs’ legs shake and even had a mini shoot for that one perfect shot to hopefully help the SPCA win a grant for as much as $100,000. And I loved every second of that little shoot, but my heart still longed to be in the play yards.  We got “the shot” and I ran back in to photograph the kitties!

I feel revived.  I feel a little lighter and my heart is happier.  And you can feel that way too when you add one (or two??) of these amazing animals to your home or join the volunteer ranks. 🙂