Adoptable dogs and cats at the SPCA of Wake County

Mar 23, 2015

Here is a look at some of my recent work at the SPCA of Wake County!

This is Zipper. You’ve most likely seen him before. He’s been waiting for more than 850 days at the SPCA of Wake County for a home.  I love this dude so much!  He is currently in foster care as he does much better in a home environment than at the shelter. But that also means that people don’t get to see him at the shelter.  He is now spending the weekends hanging out at the shelter though in hopes of his new forever family finding him!  web-0055web-0061web-0074web-0078web-0081web-0083web-0118web-0122web-0164web-0353web-037846march9WEB0183 53march9WEB0210 52march9WEB0206 55march9WEB0214 62march9WEB0241 48march9WEB0192 39march9WEB0150 sandy overlay-0386 33march9WEB0130 32march9WEB0129 31march9WEB0123 27march9WEB0108 24march9WEB0089 17march9WEB0057 22march9WEB0077 16march9WEB0056 15march9WEB0052 14march9WEB0049 11march9WEB0044 12march9WEB0046 13march9WEB0048 9march9WEB0036 6march9WEB0029 3march9WEB0013 1march9WEB0002