Abby – Raleigh Rat Terrier

Jul 13, 2016

The best way to describe Abby is just how her mom Nicole describes her.  “Abby is the sweetest old girl and, until recently, nobody believed she was 12 because of how spry she was. Now she has the ‘I’m old and will do what I want’ attitude and I love it.”  That about covers it!  You would never think Abby is a “senior.”  She was full of life and ready to explore during her pet photo session in Raleigh this spring.  She sniffed where she wanted to sniff and stood where she wanted to stood and it was my job to make everybody look great!  I’d say…mission accomplished!

Abby is quite the star in the family and certainly enjoyed kissing mom and dad!  I always love when a dog has a special bond with one person and then that person meets their “person” and they all love the dog as much as humanly possible!  That’s the way it is with Abby, Nicole and John.  Nicole says Abby latched on to her when she first saw her as a puppy and it’s been love ever since!  John equally adores Abby.  I mean, how could you not!

And don’t mind me while I geek out about the gorgeous light and the way it highlighted the tree by the water! Ah!