A walk in downtown Charleston

May 28, 2015

Charleston is my muse.  I lived there for four and a half years right after College. It’s where I first started volunteering at a local animal shelter and fell in love with pet photography.  It’s where I bought my first DSLR camera and started forming my photography style and business ideas.  My hubby and I were delighted to take Claire for the first time in April to meet so many of my dear friends that still live there.  And of course…EAT!  Saturday called for all day rain, but we were so lucky that the rain only lasted for the morning!

Part of purpose of the trip was for me to go out and just have fun shooting for me.  To find inspiration, see things in a new way and take photos to build up my stock and commercial photography portfolio.  It only took 45 minutes of walking around two blocks in downtown Charleston to snap more than 100 photos, feel refreshed, rejuvenated and without a doubt inspired!  I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Plus a few of my sweet girl!  I’m happy to say my hubby is getting better and better and taking photos with my camera (after I get the settings right for him!).

Below: A stop into our favorite art gallery, Robert Lange Studios.