A trio of tails – Raleigh Pet photographer

Aug 26, 2013

Check out this awesome trio!  Meet Bean, Murphy and Sydney!  Bean and Murphy are alums from the SPCA of Wake County Pit Crew and Sydney was a recent addition from Saving Grace in Wake Forest.  Talk about cute, cute, cute!  I had the pleasure of photographing these dogs as a very special birthday gift!  Dad Ted wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday.  He had some major making up to do.  One Valentine’s day, he kept telling her that he had the perfect gift for her.  He raved about it.  It was…a PajamaGram!! (sorry Ted, but I had to tell this story!!)  Needless to say that when Ted told her this time around that he had the “perfect” gift for her birthday, she was skeptical.  But this time, he NAILED IT!  While the couple was on a plane a few weeks before the shoot, I had just emailed Ted to set up a time to chat and plan the secret session.  He says right when he was reading my email, Erin mentioned to him that she wanted to do a photo shoot with the dogs.  I don’t know how he managed to not tell her right then and there, but I think we are all glad he didn’t.  Seeing the photos and not having any idea what was up his sleeve was certainly and awesome gift!  Hopefully you’ll see a few of the photos hanging up at Ted’s craft beer shop in Raleigh, Bottle Revolution.  Oh and a note about the first photo!  All three dogs had on bright colorful leashes to match their collars.  Bean and Sydney were looking happy and right at the camera, but I had to swap in a head shot of Murphy from a photo almost identical to this, but where the other pups weren’t looking.  I strive to get my photos in the camera, but have been experimenting with my photoshop skills.  I will tell you this photo took FOREVER.  Matching all the brick took a long time, but gosh darn it I just love this photo.