A beautiful soul: Thomas – Raleigh Pet Photography

Sep 19, 2012

Finding your soul mate isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what Vanessa found when she met Thomas, a lab/bloodhound mix.  Thomas was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and may only have six months left to be spoiled. We went to a local lake and walking trail where they love to wade in the creek.  The sunlight was just gorgeous and I managed NOT to slip on the rocks while twisting myself in all sorts of positions to get the perfect shot.  We ended on a grassy field and a “farewell shot” by the lake. Oh Thomas, you captured my heart as well.

Vanessa was a little hesitant about doing a session, but sent me the sweetest email after our shoot:

“I was kind of dreading the photo shoot. I thought it would make me sad (something I’m already struggling with through this), since the motivation really was to have something to remember him by. But Chris and I were both really touched at what a fun and relaxing time it was and how much Thomas seemed to be enjoying himself. What I was dreading ended up being a beautiful memory in and of itself. Thank you for that. It means more than I can ever say.”