A Beagle Bucklist Wedding

Jun 24, 2019

Who doesn’t love a wedding? To be surrounded by loved ones and to eat lots of cake! Well this wedding may be the cutest wedding of all time. It was a case of puppy love for Rogers and Marge.

Triangle Beagle Rescue planned these special nuptials for the lovely couple. Tripod, hospice foster Rogers asked his girlfriend Marge for her paw in marriage and she has accepted. The two married June 9th, 2019 at Compass Rose Brewery. 

Rogers came to Triangle Beagle Rescue after his rescue was flooded by Hurricane Florence last fall. Shortly after arriving to the Triangle, he had to have his leg amputated due to an old injury. He was also diagnosed with heartworms and began the intense treatment needed to recover.

Rogers was also struggling with mysterious blood in his urine. He visited three different vets and all tests were either negative or inconclusive. After visiting his fourth vet at NC State Veterinary Hospital, doctors were confident Rogers had Transitional Cell Carcinoma in his urinary tract, a terminal illness.

Despite the diagnosis, Rogers had kept in good spirits and will stay with his loving foster family until it is time to say his goodbyes. To make the most of his time left, his wonderful foster family created a bucket list for him which will include lots of car rides, puppuccinos and camping—and the best one of all marrying his best friend and Triangle Beagle Rescue foster Marge!

Rogers first set it eyes on Marge while both attended TBR adoption and fundraising events. Volunteers soon realized that Rogers and Marge always wanted to be with each other. Rogers also felt more calm when his lady was nearby. It was clear these two had a special connection.

Then it was set! Rogers asked Marge for her paw in marriage and the rescue quickly went to work to set a date, send out invitations, order a cake and plan all the details for the June nuptials.

I had the honor of volunteering with this great group to photograph the wedding. From the “first look” to them walking down the aisle, to exchanging collars and breaking a cookie to symbolize their love and commitment for each other, it was a perfect day.

If you would like to send the couple a gift in honor of their marriage, you can make a donation at www.tribeagles.org/contribute.

Thank you to Southern Living Magazine for also featuring this wedding online in this article.