Anubis and Nava – Raleigh rescue dogs

Oct 16, 2017

Anubis and Nava have been a part of the InBetween the Blinks family for a long time. Well, technically, Nava is only about year old, but I did get to photographer her when she was just three months old and a little tiny nugget. I’ve also been photographing Anubis (aka: nubes, bubby) since he was a puppy.

We had a beautiful, but pollen-filled evening for our session this year. The pups were stoked and ready to play, pose and show off how cute they know they are. Mom Jheri has a heart of gold and rescued both pups. There is a genuine overflowing of love between the three of them that shines brightly. Now if the pups will stay out of trouble, maybe we can splash in the water for next year’s session!

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