Project 52 – “Non-work” theme becomes not what I intended

Nov 23, 2012

I had the privilege of picking this week’s Project 52 theme! Project 52 is a group of international pet photographers who come up with themes each week to push us outside our box.  I chose “non-work” with the description of “I myself am shooting and editing and emailing and working on holiday cards non-stop.  Sometimes we have to take a break to keep ourselves refreshed.  So what is your ‘non-work’?  What do you do when you are not behind a camera or computer screen?  This doesn’t have to include your pets or a pet, but by all means feel free too!”

My non-photography-work is work! I work as a tv news reporter, but really wanted to still get a shot that had nothing to do either of my jobs this week.  Well…THE virus hit! Not the flu said my doctor, but a “flu like” virus.  So my non-work time this week has consisted of napping and drinking cough syrup and swallowing tylenol to keep down the fever!

I did bring my camera with me to my tv job on Thanksgiving and snapped a few shots as volunteers prepared for a massive Thanksgiving Day feast for the homeless in the Durham community.  So here is my interpretation (by default) of my own theme! I had grand plans of a nice photo of a glass of wine with Grey’s Anatomy on the tv in the background and my pups paws in the foreground as that would very much represent my one hour of “non-work” a week…but it was not to be.

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