5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

Apr 30, 2016

5 reasons to adopt a shelter pet on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

bo adopt#5 – There is a special bond between shelter pets and their families.  They are always so grateful for the second (sometimes a third or even fourth chance) you have given them!68web0338

#4 – You can often find purebred animals at local rescues and shelters. There are also many breed-specific rescues121BeagleFest2015web0755

#3 – Studies show that pets help relieve stress! Don’t we all want a less stressful life?36web0946

#2 – They keep you laughing!  These animals seem to always be exploring, snuggling, or twisting into just the right spot so show how adorable and loving they are, always proving they are worth some extra love and belly rubs.1web

#1 – The NUMBER ONE reason to adopt a shelter pet…you can save two lives!  By adopting from a shelter, you save the life of the animal you bring into your family but also the life of another pet that the shelter can take it or that a rescue can pull from a kill-shelter.  So go on and get out there and find your rescue pet!30web-IMG_0596