WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade 2016 – Shop Local Raleigh

Shop Local Raleigh asked me to photograph this year's WRAL Raleigh Christmas Parade.  I am proud to be a member of the group that supports and promotes small, locally-owned businesses in Raleigh.  The parade was November 22nd, 2016 and the weather could not have been more beautiful.  Families packed the streets of downtown Raleigh to see dozens of high school bands, dance groups and exceptionally creative floats!  Some of the big balloons had to get creative to navigate under the stoplights. It was a magical morning!  I couldn't help but smile at all the children.  After such a hate-filled and divisive election season, I saw that America is not broken.  There were groups of children of different ages and races playing and dancing together on the side of the street.  Families of all colors, shapes and sizes gathered together and side by side for the joy of the season.  How uplifting.  May we all come together no matter what divides us and remember that love is the best magic and gift of all!

Find your photo from the Raleigh Christmas Parade:

Here is a small sample of the images I captured. To see more (about 800 total) and purchase prints and digital downloads, visit: http://inbetweentheblinks.zenfolio.com/2016christmasparade