Oliver the Terrier – Dog Action Shots

Oliver was a super star model!  Most photo sessions take about an hour from greeting, to shooting to loving on the pets to showing mom and dad product samples at the end while the pups are back in the car enjoying the AC.  I think Oliver set a record for shortest session because was such a good listener!  He sat wherever we asked.  He rolled over and enjoyed belly rubs and ran and ran and ran and made the BEST faces every time! I never set a time limit for my sessions.  I like to read the energy of the dog or dogs and usually they let me know when they think they've had a successful shoot.  I always have a plan and a vision in mind, but remain ready to go with the flow whether it be following the pup, following gorgeous light or letting special moments happen and me getting out of the way and being ready to snap my camera! Oliver the terrier mix is about 12 years old!  Kristopher and Kate welcomed him to the family after Kate's grandma ended up with an extra dog due to a paperwork mixup.  "We took Oliver off her hands,and he's been perfect since day one," Kristopher says. Yep!  Perfection!  Oliver's action shots make me giggle every time I look at them.  This sweet boy was such a joy to photograph and now mom and dad have a large metal print hanging in their home along with a special photo album from their session!