How It All Started

It started with a photo.  A quick snapshot of a little puppy not quite sure where he was or where he’d end up.  His name is Baxter and he is the reason you’ve found my site!  InBetween the Blinks would not exist without him or animal rescue groups.

The photo that started it all

My husband saw his photo on in 2008 after we first visited our local shelters. Baxter’s bio said he lived with a family with seven children. They moved out and the landlord found him in the backyard in the middle of the night scared, alone, and with an injured paw.  We knew instantly he was “the one.”  Little three-month-old Baxter was two and a half hours away at a shelter in Florence, South Carolina.  I drove up from Charleston.  My husband drove from Chapel Hill.  We met our pup on the front porch and fell in love.  Baxter would be living with Brandon in Chapel Hill.  No problem right? I never grew up with dogs, only cats, so I didn’t think I would be so attached. Boy was I wrong.

Pet Helpers – Charleston, S.C.

Within two weeks of adopting Baxter I was signed up to volunteer at a shelter down the street, Pet Helpers, to walk dogs and love on them…really trying to get my fill of puppy love since Baxter was four hours away!  After a few rounds of volunteering, I noticed the adoptable dogs’ photos were often not up on the website.  This is a common problem at shelters where the staff is stretched thin.  I offered to take photos of the pups because I knew this would up their chances of being adopted.  After all, that’s how we found Baxter!

I started out with my point-and-shoot and captured some good shots.  But I wanted to do better. I purchased my first DSLR camera from a local photographer who showed me the ropes.  The pictures started to make a big difference, helped free up time for the staff and it was so rewarding.

I specifically remember the shelter (Pet Helpers) posting a particular photo of a pup named Sunshine on their facebook page.  Somebody immediately commented that they were interested and drove to the shelter later that day to adopt Sunshine based on his photo! Wow!  One photo certainly made a difference for that dog!

I’ve always had a love for photography, but it blossomed and really exploded into a passion as I started volunteering at the shelter and ultimately lead me to continue my hobby and passion and turn it into a business, all the while keeping my volunteer work at the center of what I do.  A good photograph can make the difference between a pup being adopted or not.

Taking a break from photos to give some love to a cute pup!

The SPCA of Wake County – Raleigh, N.C.

Since moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, I am now the volunteer photographer for the SPCA of Wake County.  I take photos of the adoptable dogs and kitties and always have a blast at the monthly Pit Crew Glamour Shots.  No matter what mood I walked in with, I’m always light as a feather and smiling when I walk out.  These dogs are so loving and so ready for a forever home.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph dozens of dogs the SPCA rescued from puppy mills, and even documented and assisted on scene of a puppy mill bust in August of 2012.  The passion the staff and volunteers have for these animals is amazing and inspiring and I am proud to be a part of their team.

My story started at an animal shelter, brought me to a pup online and took me right  back to the shelter where my passion for saving animals continues to thrive.  I am happy to share that love and passion for animals with you and capture your fur family.

I believe animals are a member of the family.  I believe more times than not, they rescue us.  I believe they deserve love and hope.  This is why I do what I do.

If you are a rescue in need of photography, please email me.  I offer as much time as I can to photograph adoptable dogs and cats on a pro bono basis.