Finding a puppy, becoming a foster mom – Raleigh Pet photographer

What would you do if you saw this?  If you're me, and happened to be working and see this adorable puppy out of the corner of your eye, you take the first chance to go say hello!  This little pup was following around two homeless people in downtown Raleigh yesterday morning. The woman was so nice and wanted to keep the puppy, but obviously had no home to give to her.  She had to go to an appointment and the puppy would have been left to still wander around downtown Raleigh dodging cars.  I had to do something!

I called the SPCA of Wake County where I volunteer taking photographs and working with the Pit Crew.  They said I could scoop her up and bring her in.  I immediately knew I wanted to foster this little puppy.  I fostered once in Charleston and knew I had to do it again (even though it can be so tough to see them go after loving them for so long!).  So I called a friend who raced downtown with a towel and little clue as to what he was actually doing!  He picked me and the pup up (I couldn't take her in the work truck!) and headed to my apartment to get a crate.

I sat her down in the grass to see if she would potty. She just sat there looking more adorable than should be allowed.  Igrabbed my camera and the little pup had her very first photoshoot before even stepping into my apartment!  I eventually took her to the SPCA to be checked out and checked in and posted on the lost and found page.  by 5:30pm, she was in the back seat of my car headed back home to stay with me for a while (forever??).  She had a bath, a very exhausting playdate with another puppy, filled up an entire pee pad and had pooped outside.  All-in-all, a successful first night.  We think she is about three months old and our guess is that she is a mutt of some sort with a bit of pittie in her! Ah...I've always wanted a pittie!

Oh and her name...her name is LILY!  My pup Baxter is quite jealous, curious, and axious. I think this process will be most beneficial for him more than anybody else.  He needs to learn to share his space and that while he is more precious than gold, we can love other little things too!  So stay tuned for the adventures of fostering Lily!

oh and I should mention that I only slept for an HOUR last night. I was so excited about her and had to go to work early and well...I think I'm also developing insomnia!