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What have I gotten myself in to?

I’m a regular volunteer with the animal shelter down the street Pet Helpers. I go in every Wednesday and take photos of the dogs. Well this guy came in a week ago. He was found living with stray cats and obviously was starving. Somebody suggested that I foster him for a few weeks to help fatten him up. Well, I just picked him up today! This will be an adventure for sure!

His name is Rudy and they think he’s about two years old. He’s super sweet, but certainly need a good bath! That’s first on tomorrow’s agenda!

August 23, 2010 - 11:58 pm

Lauren - he is so cute! It's a good thing I don't live in SC because I would be seriously tempted to adopt him! I love dogs so much and he looks like such a sweetie!

Baxter is a star!

I’ve known this of course! But now my whole town knows it too! I submitted Baxter to a weekly web post with Lowcountry Dog Magazine and he made it! He is featured in this week’s “Meet a Lowcountry Dog” section of the magazine’s website. And I pray now, dear Lord, help me love my future “real” children as much as I love Baxter! and help them deal with a mother who will take a million photos of them and submit those photos to every cute baby contest in America. ha!

Check out Baxter here:

P.S. anybody know how to post links as text? So if I say click “here” the “here” takes you to the link? Still learning all this blog stuff!

Baby Brooks

Baby Brooks came a month early but was 7 lbs and healthy. Mom Sara and I are good friends and I’ve already babysat once, holding him for an hour so she could run out and buy groceries. I’ll babysit anytime! Went over today to take a few pics. He barely slept all day so he was passed out but gave me a few smiles for the camera!

Baby photos – Princess Caitlin

I may have a real future in photography after all! I’m thinking I’ll start my own business of not only photographing babies, but also making the photos and family keepsakes into scrapbooks! Talk about a job I’d LOVE!

Here are some photos of my friend’s adorable daughter Caitlin who was born a month and a half early. Could she be any more adorable? I can’t wait till she gets a little bit bigger so she can really model for me!

June 21, 2010 - 2:55 pm

Kate and Luke - These are sooo good! I think you have a future there. I'm looking to hire someone to get some pictures of me and Luke for our anniversary… tryin to come out here to take them? Haha, love you! xoxox, Kate