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Rudy update

Drum roll please…..Rudy was ADOPTED! I received a call from Pet Helpers about a week and a half ago. Immediately I knew! I answered the phone, “It’s time isn’t it?” I hung up and was at the shelter a few minutes later ready to say “see ya later” to my foster pup that I helped fatten up and love for a month. I met his new mom and she melted my heart when she told me she came to start looking at dogs to adopt, but “never expected to fall in love” so quickly. Okay…she could take my adorable pup! I followed up with her the other day and she is still totally in love with Rudy. He’s dealing with a little separation anxiety still, but she thinks things will be great! I do too! I hope to go visit him soon!

Having a Ball! – Family photo shoot

Baby Brooks had a very special day this past Sunday. It was family dedication day at Church. Part of the family flew in from Colorado and others drove to Charleston for the big event. We met in downtown Charleston at the Battery for some sweet family photos. It was so great having three generations all together! Thanks for letting me be apart of the day!
Aunt Rachel feeling the love!

All the kids and grands together! I probably snapped about 75 shots to make sure I had everybody looking at the camera. I finally got a shot, but this is my favorite. So sweet, natural and full of personality!

Rudy – The end of the adventure

So I had to take Rudy back to the shelter Thursday. I fostered him for a month! I must say he looked pretty awesome. When I first met him, he was lying down in a hole outside and you could see every rib poking out. He wouldn’t move. After a few days at my house, he was the happiest pup ever! He still needs help learning to walk on a leash, but he looks so much better.

Tears streamed down my face before I even walked him in to the door of the shelter. I knew this day would come and I knew he had to go back in order to find his forever home, but it was so tough. What really made me cry was when I found out the little booger only put on FOUR POUNDS the month I had him. I was sure he may have put on about ten! I mean look at the before and after photos! Regardless, it was a great adventure for the both of us and I believe he is a better dog for it and will find a home faster now that he’s had time to adjust to the domestic life! I love you Rudy!



Fostering – Part 4

I have one week left with Rudy. I set a goal to fatten him up for a month before he goes back to Pet Helpers and should hopefully weight enough to be neutered so he can go up for adoption. I really don’t think he should stay there very long. I mean…he’s too cute for words. I’ve tried to feed him everything under the sun. You’d think for a skinny dog, he wouldn’t be too picky about what he eats, but he is. He loves cat food, ground beef and roasted chicken and Cesar’s gourmet dog food, but no hard food. I also looked at every bag of treats on the dog aisle and found the one with the highest fat content…some sort of beef chew sticks. One sniff and he wanted nothing to do with them. LOL Friday is going to be tough, but I’m excited for him to go to his forever home and glad I was stop for him along the way!

September 20, 2010 - 3:23 am

Dan and Laura - You're such a saint to care for this little guy! It's a sweet thing you've done for him! Well done!

September 22, 2010 - 12:09 pm

Tara - Thanks Laura! I really wish I could keep him. If I lived by myself I would in a heart beat. Brandon and I can't wait to get a house so we can adopt another! and then we'll work on having "real" babies!