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Baxter’s 8th dog birthday party

It’s hard to believe this turkey is EIGHT years old.  Baxter’s birthday is the first week of June so we went with a nautical theme this year! I think I had a harder time choosing a theme for his 8th birthday than I did for my daughter’s second birthday!  His cake is by the always awesome Gourmutt’s Bakery in Raleigh.  Baxter is the BEST snuggler and some days it’s so hard to get out of bed because he is so snuggly!  I love my sweet All-American sailor!


The bow tie above with the white knot is from a local designer Port and Starbird Creations.13-2016web-img_08427-2016web-img_0802

This bow tie is from the fantastic Charleston, SC based-company Crew La La.  Major shoutout for them working with me on my tight timeline.

Suzie – Senior pet photo session

It only takes a second to fall in love.  Which certainly is the magical thing about pets!  No matter how much time we have with them, they fill our hearts and homes and always leave a hole when it’s their time to say goodbye.

Tori and Suzie thankfully had about 16 years together! Sixteen!  Tori adopted Suzie from the ECU School of Medicine when Tori worked there.  The Medical School originally brought Suzie in from the county shelter when she was four months old.  She was supposed to be used for an acute study.  The students and staff fell in love with her and asked to keep her and to train her as a pet therapy dog.  Unfortunately, the pet therapy program start-up fell through.  But good thing for Suzie, she ended up with a new home with Tori.

Tori contacted me a few months ago when she knew Suzie was nearing her trek across the Rainbow Bridge.  “Suz has been my best friend for 16 years. We are now at the end of her time on this earth and I want some great photos of her for my own memorial essentially,” she wrote to me.

At sixteen years old, Suzie could barely walk or see.  Oh but she was a happy girl!  I met them at Tori’s house where we had a bright red barn and bench next door and a green grassy field.  Suzie stayed right by her mama’s side and despite not being able to see her, Suzie knew exactly where Tori was at all times.

Two days after our session, Tori had to say goodbye to Suzie.  Suzie is now running and chasing balls in doggie Heaven and watching over her mama.

Tori has since welcomed another loving dog into her home. A dog just as special as Suzie.  Her new girl Marishka was held as evidence for two years at the Vance County Animal Shelter.  A two-year stay in a small kennel is hard on any animal, but the staff there provided Marishka with so much love.  When she was finally able to be released, she was transferred to the SPCA of Wake County where Tori is a long-time volunteer.  It was love at first sight and I’m sure Tori and Marishka have many loving years ahead just as Tori and Suzie spent together.

Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016Suzie 2016

Suzie the senior dog

Suzie the senior dog

Suzie the senior dog

Suzie the senior dog


Happy Birthday Anubis – Dog Birthday

Happy Birthday Anubis! This rescue pup is officially two years old and somehow manages to get cuter and cuter.  Anubis celebrated his doggie birthday in downtown Raleigh late this spring.  I was so excited to find this bright, bold mural to match his bright personality!  It was the perfect backdrop for this silly pup. I’ve photographed Anubis several times since he first hit the jackpot with his mama Jheri.  He loved his cake from Gourmutt’s Bakery and was pretty tidy in eating it.  Although he did manage to get a tiny sliver of blue icing on his cheek at the end which just make his “derp” face that much derpier.  You’ll know which photo I’m talking about as soon as you see it!

Daisy and Ella – North Raleigh Pet Photographer

Daisy is the strong, silent type while Ella is small and sassy.  Mikki and Hector lost their sweet mastiff Otis unexpectedly this winter.  After some time, they were ready to adopt again and rescued Daisy.  Daisy is a sweet three-year-old English Mastiff with adorable wrinkles.  Ella is a nine-year-old terrier mix.

When I asked Mikki to describe their little family of four, she said “Hector is peace, I am war. LOL. Ella is friendly and wants to meet everyone.  She’s a little bossy.  Daisy is friendly but hesitant.  It takes her a little longer to let people get close to her.”

Mikki found Ella on the side of the road in Fayetteville. “I was walking my dog at the time and she just ran up to me and jumped in my arms like she had known me her whole life. I tried to find her owner and surrendered her to the local shelter, but when she was not claimed after the three-day hold I went and picked her up and we have been together ever since,” she described.

“After Otis died we let the local mastiff rescue know that we could foster and that same day Daisy was dumped in a shelter and there were no fosters until we came along. We drove to Virginia to pick her up and when we walked in her pen she came to us wiggling so hard it was like she was dancing. Hector looked at me and said ‘We’re keeping her.’ It was love at first wiggle.”

Our Session:

We had a beautiful evening in North Raleigh for our session.  Daisy had to have some surgery about two months prior to our session and the hair on her back still had not grown back.  I was able to fix some of that in editing.  When I went to deliver their order, the hair was all grown in and Mikki said it had grown in about two weeks after our session! Ha Little stinker.

There is a gentle peace about this family (despite Mikki describing herself as “war.”)  Daisy had only been with them for a few months and we waited to schedule so that Daisy could become comfortable with Hector after the adoption.  She was quite fearful of men in general.  You never would have known she had fear of any type during our session.  She was at ease and had a wonderful comfort about her that seemed to say “I’m loved.  I’m safe.  I’m home.”

Derby the Great Dane – Apex Photography

Randol and Curtis knew they wanted to add a Great Dane to their family. They did their homework and searched far and wide for the right dog. Randol told me, “We had gone through several Great Dane rescues, did all the paperwork, reference checks, and home visits and then were told it could take several months or more to find the right dog. In the meantime, I started searching dog adoption web sites, and found a litter of mixed great dane pups just about three hours away. We went and played with a pack of brindled boys and ‘Cami’ – named for her camouflage appearance – was one of two dogs available. She was just so sweet, offering kisses and a happily wagging tail.”

Cami is now Derby!  And as gentle giants go, she’s as gentle as they come!  It was so fun to see all the attention she drew from people we passed walking around downtown Apex.  She just stood there letting children and adults pet her, admire her and sing praises of her beauty as mom and dad beamed with pride.  It’s so easy to see that adoration in the way Randol and Curtis look at Derby!

Randol and Curtis almost lost their sweet girl a year ago.  They wanted to have updated family photos and also mark Derby’s third birthday.  We had perfect weather and I fell in love with the downtown Apex backdrop.  I love their outfits too!  Randol’s purple dress was the perfect compliment to Derby’s purple collar, matching leash and flower.  Dad looked sharp in a sophisticated, yet relaxed look.  This easy-going family also has several cats at home who were with us in spirit. hehe