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My new adventure – Full-time photography

It has long been a dream of mine to go full-time with my photography business!  I am so very excited to be one step-closer to that goal!  I left my job as a tv news reporter at WRAL-TV at the end of June.  It was a bittersweet decision, but the absolute right decision after ten years in the business, and the last four-and-a-half of those working overnights.

The opportunity to make the move came a little sooner than planned when another door also opened!  I am now the Communications Manager for the SPCA of Wake County, the largest non-profit animal welfare organization in the Triangle!  The SPCA of Wake County has also been my home as long as WRAL had been my workplace.  As soon as I moved to Raleigh in January of 2011, I searched for a local rescue where I could volunteer my services as a pet photographer.  Needless to say this new job overseeing marketing and messaging was a perfect fit of both of my jobs and my volunteer work.  This is a part-time job that allows me to sleep normal hours, spend more time with my family, expand my photography business and also provide an even higher level of customer service to my clients.  It’s been a full month with the new change and I honestly couldn’t be happier!

One of the most important questions I had in deciding to work at the SPCA was whether I could still donate my time photographing animals for adoption and special events.  Thankfully, labor laws do allow that!  The only reason my business exists is because I adopted a shelter pet which inspired me to start volunteering taking photos at an animal shelter in South Carolina.  So it is a vital part of my business to give back to rescues through my photography.

I am so excited to share this news with you and now have more time to further implement all the business ideas I’ve had over the last two years, but haven’t had the time!  Thank you to my amazing clients for your support and making this dream possible!

Credit: Whitebox Photo

Credit: Whitebox Photo

July 29, 2016 - 7:14 pm

Sascha Olschewski - It’s definitely not the same without you, but nothing is better than doing what you live the most. Looking forward to following your new adventure.

July 29, 2016 - 7:16 pm

Sascha Olschewski - Keep posted on any pet events in the area would love to help out

July 30, 2016 - 7:52 pm

Tucker - Aunt Tara: I’m going to miss seeing you at the beach and during snowy weather!!
Love that you’re helping rescues. Keep your eye open for a sister for me!!

Bark for Beagles Fundraiser at Trophy Brewing

I think it was the hottest day of the year, but all the more kudos to the volunteers and people who came out to Trophy Brewing on Maywood in Raleigh this weekend to support the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina.  Bark, Raleigh’s first bar and dog park (in the works!) organized this great fundraiser.  I’m so excited for this new venture started by a group of eager, talented and young entrepreneurs!  Check out their website for more details! But wait…first check out the photo booth fun!  I had a great time volunteering to help out one of my favorite rescue groups!  To see all of the images and order prints, visit the online gallery.


Abby – Raleigh Rat Terrier

The best way to describe Abby is just how her mom Nicole describes her.  “Abby is the sweetest old girl and, until recently, nobody believed she was 12 because of how spry she was. Now she has the ‘I’m old and will do what I want’ attitude and I love it.”  That about covers it!  You would never think Abby is a “senior.”  She was full of life and ready to explore during her pet photo session in Raleigh this spring.  She sniffed where she wanted to sniff and stood where she wanted to stood and it was my job to make everybody look great!  I’d say…mission accomplished!

Abby is quite the star in the family and certainly enjoyed kissing mom and dad!  I always love when a dog has a special bond with one person and then that person meets their “person” and they all love the dog as much as humanly possible!  That’s the way it is with Abby, Nicole and John.  Nicole says Abby latched on to her when she first saw her as a puppy and it’s been love ever since!  John equally adores Abby.  I mean, how could you not!

And don’t mind me while I geek out about the gorgeous light and the way it highlighted the tree by the water! Ah!

Banner the Dachshund puppy in Raleigh

When an email comes in asking to photograph a 12-week-old puppy…there is a guaranteed “happy dance” by me!  Especially when it would be my second puppy photo session in ONE week!  Puppies are always a sure bet on cuteness, but when I saw him in person, I squealed!  This sweet boy is the proud owner of mom and dad Anita and Mike.  And mom and dad are also the owners of an amazing modern home they designed and renovated themselves!  This session was a double celebration of the new family member and the house being nearly complete!

And when they broke out matching Ohio State jerseys? The whole session got even cuter!  We had to battle the rain and clouds, but Banner sure was a bright beam of sunshine!

Ethan’s First Birthday – Raleigh Cake Smash

Ethan’s first birthday cake smash was a success in my book.  If you ask him, it didn’t go so well.  Because he didn’t get to finish his cake!

Sweet Ethan is now about to celebrate his 18 month birthday!  I can’t believe how quickly he has grown! From photographing him in his sweet mama’s tummy, to his newborn session, mid-year and first birthday! Wow!  Boomer the dog didn’t make the cut for this family session, but three out of four ain’t bad! Plus he and the kitties did have their own session all to themselves a few years ago.  Mom and dad, Amy and Shaun, are always easy going and relaxed.  One thing that made this session extra special, was that afterward, I designed an album that combined all five of our photo sessions from 2013 to now!  What a great keepsake to see how the family has grown!  Let’s start with a look at a favorite image from his newborn session and one from his mid-year photo shoot!  Then on to the cake! Just don’t take it away from him.