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Take your dog to work day 2016

It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day!  Are any of your allowed to bring in your pet today?  Studies have long shown that pets help reduce stress. Imagine how much more productive we could be if we were less stressed at work?  Or would we be too distracted by all the cuteness? Hmmm…

How to celebrate:

Find out more about this national day from Pet Sitters International.  Here are ten ways you can celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Scroll down to see an awesome video of what happens when you “unleash” stress in a work environment.

The Staff at Pet Partners Insurance say everyday is  take your dog to work day.

The Staff at Pet Partners Insurance say everyday is take your dog to work day.

National Take your dog to work day 2016

Video – Take Your Dog to Work Day

Introducing Triangle Unleashed – local pet guide

I am thrilled to officially introduce my new website on the blog!  I love that the Triangle has so many pet-loving families and amazing locally-owned pet businesses and services available.  I wanted to create a way to connect small business owners and pet parents.  Thus, I created Triangle Unleashed – a local pet vendor guide.  This is a mobile-friendly website designed to be saved to your smart phone for offline use.  With a single click, you can map directions to brick and mortar stores, call or email businesses and visit their website.  One of the most beneficial uses is special discounts and coupons!  Each business offers a special coupon for Triangle Unleashed users.  Simply mention Triangle Unleashed when you contact the business!


We have a number of partners on the website in just a few short months to help you find pet sitters, veterinarians, canine massage therapists and doggy care and boarding facilities in the Wake, Durham and Orange County area.  Be sure to sign-up for our monthly newsletter when you visit the website.  You’ll be the first to know about special events and discounts!
Triangle Unleashed, local pet vendor guide1print-IMG_0383edit

Dogtopia - Triangle UnleashedDoggy playtime at our partner Dogtopia of Raleigh – Triangle Unleashed

Triangle Unleashed parter Pet N Nanny

Pet N’ Nanny offers pet-sitting and dog walking services around the Triangle – Triangle Unleashed

Dr. Azure Holland offers in-home end-of-life care for your pets. - Triangle Unleashed

Dr. Azure Holland offers in-home end-of-life care for your pets. – Triangle Unleashed


Adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies at the SPCA of Wake County

Volunteering at the SPCA of Wake County is a major bright spot in my life.  I feel at home and can’t stop smiling when I get to visit and photography such wonderful animals.  I don’t always get to post the photos to the blog, but you can always find images of adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies on the InBetween the Blinks Facebook page.  Here are some images from my visit last week!

Wedgie the Pug Puppy in Raleigh

If there was ever THE most perfect name for a pug, Wedgie is certainly it!  Hannah and Chris welcomed their pug puppy Wedgie to their family this spring. They knew he was “the one” because of his perfect wrinkles Hannah told me.  These two NC State fans were ready to celebrate their pug puppy in Raleigh with a photo session so we headed to NC State’s campus on a perfectly gorgeous evening.  Wedgie came dressed to impressed and mom and dad were perfectly coordinated with a red necklace and red kicks.  Wedgie was 11 weeks old during his photos.  He has a drawer full of clothes that he will soon grow into including pajamas and a smoking jacket! Ah! I can’t wait to see him in all his outfits!

You can follow Wedgie on Instagram at @wedgiesworld

This photo below had me laughing for about ten minutes when I first saw it.

Jake and Jennifer – Boxer and mom share beautiful bond

Jake and Jennifer have such a beautiful bond. What’s even more special, is that Jennifer’s husband Garrett equally loves Jake just as much and understands what this gorgeous boxer means to his beautiful wife.

Garrett describes Jake as “a lover and always happy. He follows Jennifer around wherever she goes in the house, and is all ‘wiggles’ when she gets home. Wagging his tail isn’t enough to express his happiness, so he wiggles virtually his entire body.”

Garrett entered the picture about three years after Jake and was easily embraced as a part of the family. Together, they enjoy exploring life together as a family of three.  I really loved watching them together.  Their love for Jake is expressed in the normal way: kisses, scratches behind the ears and genuine doggie talk about how cute and sweet he is.  But it’s the way they all look at each other that melted my heart.  It’s usually the silent communication that speaks the loudest and I saw that loud “I LOVE YOU” each time their eyes met during our session.  I also loved watching Garrett watch Jen.  He “gets” her.  And he respects the bond she and Jake share.

Jake the Great is seven years old.  Jennifer found him as a puppy and says she knew he was the one “because he came over to sit in my lap. All the other puppies were running around and playing, but Jake sought me out.”  Garrett add, “Even though Jennifer didn’t have a place where she was allowed to have pets, and even though she had to drive about 4 hours each way to get him, she knew it was meant to be. Since then Jake has been with her through thick and then and never left her side.”

And now you can wipe your eyes…

Jake has the poochiest lips I’ve ever seen on a dog!  I asked if he had injections, but wouldn’t tell. 😉

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