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Oliver the Terrier – Dog Action Shots

Oliver was a super star model!  Most photo sessions take about an hour from greeting, to shooting to loving on the pets to showing mom and dad product samples at the end while the pups are back in the car enjoying the AC.  I think Oliver set a record for shortest session because was such a good listener!  He sat wherever we asked.  He rolled over and enjoyed belly rubs and ran and ran and ran and made the BEST faces every time!

I never set a time limit for my sessions.  I like to read the energy of the dog or dogs and usually they let me know when they think they’ve had a successful shoot.  I always have a plan and a vision in mind, but remain ready to go with the flow whether it be following the pup, following gorgeous light or letting special moments happen and me getting out of the way and being ready to snap my camera!

Oliver the terrier mix is about 12 years old!  Kristopher and Kate welcomed him to the family after Kate’s grandma ended up with an extra dog due to a paperwork mixup.  “We took Oliver off her hands,and he’s been perfect since day one,” Kristopher says.

Yep!  Perfection!  Oliver’s action shots make me giggle every time I look at them.  This sweet boy was such a joy to photograph and now mom and dad have a large metal print hanging in their home along with a special photo album from their session!

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Today only! Enter to win a free photo session with InBetween the Blinks Photography!  This is a rare opportunity I usually reserve only for non-profits.  But to celebrate Woof Gang Bakery’s Grand Opening in Cameron Village today, you have a chance to win!  Woof Gang Bakery just moved from North Hills to Cameron Village and today is their Grand Opening!

Earn a raffle entry for every $50 you spend at store today, June 17th, 2017.  We will pull a winner Monday and announce the name on facebook!  The photo session will also include a complimentary 8×10 print.

Photo session includes travel up to 20 miles from downtown Raleigh, four subjects (at least one pet), one location and an online gallery for viewing your final images.

Ralph and Ace – Blue Jay Point Park

Ralph and Ace sure do look like brothers, but they are brothers from another mother!  These two plott hounds now have a very loving home, but it took a while to find it.

Liz and Matt lost their previous dog (adopted from the SPCA of Wake County) in 2014.  They were specifically looking to find a dog that had a hard time getting adopted.  They found Ralph at a rescue in Virginia and Ace who was with a rescue in Asheville.  Ralph had been waiting for more than five years, since he was just four months old.  He had some behavior issues and needed someone who would give him the patience, time, training and attention he needed.  Liz was just the person!  She and Matt adopted Ralph first and spent several months helping him get settled.  Six months later, Ace was still available for adoption and they welcomed him to the family too!

Ace may be the older of the two at eight years old, but acts like a puppy!  Ace went crazy over his flower squeaky toy and had me cracking up the entire time.

Ralph is the strong, silent type.  He can be weary of strangers, but was the ultimate gentleman during our shoot.  We played around the open field at Blue Jay Point County Park and ended with a walk by Falls Lake.

Mom Liz is a volunteer with the SPCA.  I know these two pups are so grateful that she took a chance on them and they are now all living happily ever after!


Emerson – three months old

I am excited to share some updated photos of my baby girl Emerson!  She is now three months old and I am “officially” back from maternity leave.  To be total honest, I really only took about four weeks off from photography and the SPCA.

I am grateful to have jobs that allow me the flexibility to work from home and various hours.  It was tough some days, but I have and do always make sure to maximize my time with my family and be fully present when we are together.

As I approach the one-year mark of leaving my career as a TV news reporter, I can happily say I have no regrets!  There is more financial pressure for my business to succeed and balance it with my part-time work at the SPCA, but I love every day!

So now on to the cute baby photos!  Plus a few from a quick trip to Charleston!


Tabby and Kate – A Love Story

Kate and Tabby have one of my favorite stories.  It’s not necessarily one you haven’t heard before, but it’s the intensity of their love for one another that struck my heart as soon as I read Kate’s first email and even more so when I was able to photograph them together.

Kate wrote, “For the past 11 years, he has been my constant, my companion, and my friend.”  A feeling many of us understand.

Tabby chose Kate.  In 2005, he showed up at her door.  She fed him and gave him water.  When she couldn’t find him a month later, she was a little surprised at how heart-broken she was, falling for a kitty she had only known a few weeks.  It turns out that her boyfriend at the time took Tabby to the vet for a full check-up and shots.  He gave her a birthday card that said her present was waiting at a specific address.  The address was that of the vet clinic and Tabby has officially been hers ever since.

In September, she received news that her sweet little love had Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the right tonsil.  There were few options that promised them more time and him a high quality of life.  Kate did what she knew would be best for her boy and made sure to keep him happy and out of pain.  We had a beautiful bright morning for our session together and Tabby was everything Kate said he was.  He was affectionate, a mama’s boy, curious and gentle.  Kate showed me how they snuggled each morning and how he enjoyed hugs and belly rubs despite his ever-present grimace.  Truly, that IS Tabby’s happy face she assured me.  Tabby passed away several weeks after our session.

The pain of missing him I know won’t ever go away, but Kate and I are both thankful for the memories captured during our session together.  And when Tabby has a face like you’ll see below when they “cuddle” and you know that it is his “happy” face, it’s hard not to giggle.